Question 4. Customer Service & Professional Development

Customer Service 

1. Explain your Customer Service philosophy or objectives if you have them

  • Detail customer service initiatives designed to achieve great service
  • Include outcomes of customer service e.g. source of revenue, increasing average spend or number of visits
  • Demonstrate your source of satisfaction e.g. referral, repeat business, positive feedback
  • Show how you measure customer service and use the feedback

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the commercial impact of customer service

3. Do you use social media or digital marketing feedback tools such as Trip Advisor?

 Specific Needs 

1. Identify your specific needs customers. This is related to anyone who visits your business. It is more than disability access

  • Specific needs can be special interest groups

2. Provide details on how specific needs are identified in a practical sense 

 Professional Development 

1. Staff numbers – keep this response simple. List full time, part time, casual, volunteers and work experience

2. Show benefits of Professional Development for your business e.g. minimises risk, increases job satisfaction

  • Demonstrate commitment to professional development e.g. time off for product training
  • Show how you determine training needs e.g. staff interviews, an annual review of yourself and the business
  • Detail professional development programs and initiatives- Formal or informal.

3. Think about the skills you need to run your business